Your Cybersecurity 101 Guide to Home and Business

  • 17 December 2021
  • Emma


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As technology continues to evolve and we spend more time on our computers and cell phones, we not only have more convenience but also more of a threat from cybercriminals that want to steal your data and your identity. If you are a business owner or a home user, you must be careful, or you could easily fall for a cybercrime scam. Here at the ADMFactory, we know about tech and security and the importance of it, and we have some common-sense tips and advice for securing your devices.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

Protecting your computers and devices is no laughing matter. A hacker attack happens every 39 seconds, and the data that hackers steal can be used to take out fraudulent loans or be sold on the black market. Hackers are especially fond of attacking small businesses because they are aware that the owners of those businesses either don't have the resources to protect against cybercrime, or think that they are small fish that can slip under the radar and that hackers won't notice them.

However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Hackers attack small businesses 43% of the time and if they are successful, then your company could take a major hit to your reputation, and you could lose a lot of money in fines and recovery efforts. Needless to say, cybersecurity should be your next priority.

Proper Passwords

Cybersecurity may seem complicated at first, but to prevent cybercrime, it really comes down to being proactive with common-sense solutions like using smart passwords. You need to create complicated passwords that include a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Don't use passwords that are easy to guess, like those including your street name or your pets, because hackers can also comb your social media to find those clues. It is also important that you use a different password for each website or program because if you see the same code for everything, hackers will catch on.

Consider Using a VPN

You can use your computer and devices in confidence by installing a virtual private network software (VPN), which will disguise your location and encrypt your information so hackers cannot use the data. A VPN is another thing that may seem complicated, but you can find many products online, and they are easy to purchase, install, and use.It is essential to use a VPN, especially when connected to the internet using a public network, like cofee shops, restaurants or libraries.

Install Antivirus Software

If you care about the security of your data, then you need to have antivirus software installed on all of your devices. It is a smart idea to run your antivirus software at least once a week so you can find any potential threats and delete them from your system. You need to keep up with your antivirus software as well. Keep an eye out for new updates and install them when necessary so you have the newest version that will catch the most current threats.

Common Scams

While having the protections listed above will create a great defense against hackers, you should be aware of common scams also so you don't fall victim in the first place. A common hacker trick is the phishing email which is a fake communication sent by hackers that is made to look like an official email from a figure of authority like your boss or your bank. They will present a link or attachment, but if you click on either, it will install malware or open doors for hackers to access your computer. Make sure that you don't open any emails unless you know the sender.

Another common scam is the fake Wi-Fi network that hackers set up at public places like restaurants and coffee shops that looks like the real deal. However, if you connect, you are really connecting directly to the cybercriminal, and they can gain control of your device. So, always ask an employee for the correct network.

In the end, if you use a computer, then you need to practice cybersecurity. The tips above are just a started, easy to be followed and could be lifesavers. Here at the ADMFactory, we have tons of computer knowledge, so if you have questions, check out our blog here, or contact us if you want us to explore a new topic.