SEO Tutorials

  • 06 February 2020
  • George



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If you own business or activate in digital marketing, you for sure have heard of SEO. It's a crucial marketing strategy that can assure your campaigns and business success.

But let's find out more about search engine optimization.

What is SEO?

SEO it's the abbreviation for search engine optimization and basically this means the practice of influencing your ranking in search engines. Obtaining a high rank will help you increase the traffic, quality traffic that it's most prone to convert, thereby your conversion rate will rise as well. SEO scope it's to get your website in front of your competition in the search engine results page.

SEO implicates numerous range of changes you have to apply to your website and content. You should know that Google changes constantly the algorithms that influence your rankings, so you must be informed and make adjustments according to Google's demands.

Technical SEO it's the foundation of every website. It's the optimizing process for the infrastructure of a website in order to enable the search engines to crawl and index it properly. In order to implement technical SEO correctly, it's required an auditor crawl report for the entire site to see what performs well and what needs improvement. The audit's best to be done monthly, in order to keep up with the errors that might appear and fix them quickly. You should pay attention mainly to the robot.txt, which is a text file with instructions for the search engine crawlers. It basically defines the areas of a website that are allowed to search.