Unlock the Power of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts: The Ultimate Cheatsheet

  • 25 April 2023
  • ADM


Unlock the Power of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts: The Ultimate Cheatsheet - images/logos/windows.jpg



In the fast-paced world of technology, saving time and boosting productivity is paramount. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by mastering keyboard shortcuts, which are designed to streamline our daily tasks. This article brings you the ultimate Windows keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet, enabling you to take advantage of these hidden gems and work more efficiently.

Section 1: Windows System Shortcuts

These shortcuts provide quick access to system functions, helping you navigate your computer with ease:

  • Win key: Open the Start menu
  • Alt + F4: Close the current window
  • Win + A: Open the Action Center
  • Win + D: Show or hide the desktop
  • Win + E: Open File Explorer
  • Win + G: Open the Game Bar
  • Win + H: Open the Share sidebar
  • Win + I: Open Settings
  • Win + L: Lock your computer
  • Win + M: Minimize all windows
  • Win + R: Open the Run dialog box
  • Win + S: Open the Search function
  • Win + X: Open the Quick Access menu
  • Win + Tab: Open Task View

Section 2: Text Editing Shortcuts

These shortcuts will enhance your text editing experience in various applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint:

  • Ctrl + A: Select all content
  • Ctrl + C: Copy selected content
  • Ctrl + V: Paste copied content
  • Ctrl + X: Cut selected content
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo the last undone action
  • Ctrl + F: Open the Find dialog box
  • Ctrl + H: Open the Find and Replace dialog box
  • Ctrl + B: Apply bold formatting
  • Ctrl + I: Apply italic formatting
  • Ctrl + U: Apply underline formatting
  • Ctrl + P: Open the Print dialog box

Section 3: Web Browsing Shortcuts

Streamline your web browsing experience with these shortcuts, compatible with most browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge:

  • Ctrl + T: Open a new tab
  • Ctrl + W: Close the current tab
  • Ctrl + R: Refresh the current page
  • Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopen the last closed tab
  • Ctrl + Tab: Switch to the next tab
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Switch to the previous tab
  • Ctrl + F4: Close the current window
  • Ctrl + N: Open a new window
  • Ctrl + D: Bookmark the current page
  • Ctrl + F: Open the Find function
  • Ctrl + L: Highlight the address bar
  • F5: Refresh the current page
  • Alt + Left Arrow: Go back to the previous page
  • Alt + Right Arrow: Go forward to the next page


With this comprehensive Windows keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet, you'll be well-equipped to save time and increase your productivity. By integrating these shortcuts into your daily routine, you'll not only work more efficiently, but also discover newfound capabilities within your favorite applications. So go ahead, print this cheatsheet or save it as a handy reference on your desktop, and start unlocking the true power of your Windows computer.